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Businesses and other organizations are increasingly aware that they need more than just a legal licence for their activities. The concept of the “social licence” is transforming power relationships and explains how organizations can acquire or lose the legitimacy in the eyes of society that they need to be able to operate effectively.

A social license cannot be directly managed, but is the result of interactions between a number of factors – factors that John Morrison shows business can manage, but which mainstream Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) often struggles to frame correctly.

With examples ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the Niger Delta, Morrison shows how the social license is dynamic, and why managers must start by focusing on the rights of those directly impacted by their activities. He provides clear guidance on understanding, measuring and integrating legitimacy into a company’s strategy.

The book “The Social License: How to Keep Your Organization Legitimate” (ISBN-10: 1137370718) is published on 8 September 2014 by Palgrave MacMillan and can be pre-ordered now from them or Amazon (all reviews also welcome).

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  1. We are publishers of Extractives East Africa – a magazine for the mining , oil gas in East Africa that premiered this October.
    We request a copy for the purpose to feature this book in our Book Review column in our 2nd issue scheduled for November 2014.
    Kindly contact me, to advise how we can work on this most appropriately.

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