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John Morrison is a leading practitioner and thinker on issues relating to the social responsibilities of government, business, and civil society. He is currently the Executive Director of the Institute for Human Rights and Business (www.ihrb.org), and has advised a number of governments, the European Union, OECD, and the United Nations on related issues. Previously, John has worked in business, civil society, and government, and lived and worked in Europe and North America. He has been a Harkness Fellow, a member of a number of advisory boards, and chaired the Jury of the Dutch Government’s Human Rights Award in 2013. He has written and spoken widely on human rights, international migration, and corporate responsibility.  You can follow John on twitter @jomo1966.

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  1. Hello – and thanks for the good and important work. I am trying to develop a sustainable social contract and license that will have accountability between merchant and consumer. With the planet in the middle, responsibility of sustainable practice is shared equally by merchants and consumers. One has to become truly real in their offerings and the other educated to the choice when being consumers. I do believe the exponential development or acceptance of sustainability as the right choice will be the responsibility of good marketing…sadly enough or thankfully enough. A marketing partnership of community (government) and media…then visual literacy can take hold to common thought. Once the data is in, health, wellness, eco management, alternative energy, people, planet and prosperity…it will be as common as common is. Naive yes… hopeful better yet. Any suggestions on the commercialzation of a school contract and license to bring merchants and consumers together for the purpose of sustainability and the positive ripple effect that it has on all things. Thanks.

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